Tony Reis Healing Therapies Offers
Energy Medicine to Open the Healing Gates to Transformation and Well-being

Tony Reis
Fourth Generation Spiritual Healer and Mystic

Tony Reis has been healing, educating and training people and practitioners of the healing arts for more than 45 years. Tony combines his ancestral healing gifts with 21st century therapies, including bioenergetics, energy therapy and vibrational medicine, utilizing the knowledge, understanding and experience gained in his many years of practice at Tony Reis Healing Therapies.

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Tony Reis Healing Therapies
Emotional Freedom Technique
The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help release emotional blockages and trauma by tapping on specific meridians.
This simple and safe Japanese technique reduces stress, helps you relax, and promotes healing.
Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine incorporates the use of sound, gemstones, and other modalities to balance the body's subtle energies.
Diamond Light Body Healing
Diamond Light Body Healing focuses on re-calibrating your Diamond Light matrix grid to a higher level.
Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual and metaphysical counseling can help you recognize your core values and beliefs, and integrate them into your everyday life.
The Perfected Breath
Release restricted breathing patterns and achieve a connected breathing rhythm for health and freedom.
No matter how deep the issue and no matter how long you've struggled with it,
the possibility exists for you to become absolutely FREE, WHOLE, and HEALED.